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Cooking Wood

The taste and presentation of wood fired foods is indescribable. Timber Forest Products selects the finest aged hardwood for that perfect combination of heat and longevity making it the perfect choice for oven wood burning cooking!

Our specialty woods can be shipped worldwide. 

Timber Forest Products has supplied restaurants and hotels in the Upstate NY area, as well as many restaurants across the United States, for the past 15 years. And we deliver year round. We have a very good order and delivery system that works well with our different accounts.

Timber Forest Products offers a large variety of firewood products to meet the different commercial business’ needs. We offer barbecue and cooking woods in firewood and chunks. The wood is 16” in length. The chunks are “softball to baseball” size. We have oak, birch, maple, apple, hickory and cherry in the different forms of firewood and chunks.

If a special request is needed, such as a different length wood or a larger split, we will customize the firewood to your needs.

We will deliver to each restaurant based upon each restaurants needs. Some restaurants have a weekly or bi-weekly delivery, while some restaurants call in their order when needed. Timber Forest Products strives to have the best possible delivery system and will accommodate the different firewood and cooking wood needs for each restaurant and commercial location.

Timber Forest Products has decorative firewood for special “firewood walls” or decorative areas such as fire pits or fireplaces. We also have decorative birch logs and offer a discount when ordered in large quantities.



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     Our firewood is delivered with over 25 years experience supplying homes & fire.gifbusinesses with a premium firewood. We are a family owned and operated business. We deliver to residential locations and also many restaurants throughout the Upstate NY area. We do not sell tree-trimmed wood or diseased firewood. This means you will receive good burning, high quality firewood.



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