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      Our firewood is delivered to your location stack in our trucks to insure proper cordage.

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    Our firewood comes with a receipt. -

    If you order a, make sure its a cord. Alot of people order a cord of firewood expecting a full cord. Unknowingly, some dealers will end up delivering a face cord (1/3 of a full cord). So make sure to know your terminology.

  • Firewood_Cord_Stacked.jpg   We do not use pick up trucks. Our firewood comes stacked in flatbeds or dumpbeds that hold 2 or 3 full cords. All beds are 8 foot wide and 4 foot tall.

  • Firewood_5.jpg   Our Hardwood Firewood does not come from diseased nor downed trees. We harvest our wood from forest lands that are ready to be harvested. Firewood is a renewable resource.

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We Accept NY State HEAP.

      We do not sell tree-trimmed wood or diseased firewood. This means you will receive good burning, high quality firewood.
      We have hardwood firewood, which includes oak, birch, maple, cherry, hickory, and ash. The firewood 3_Cords_Firewood_Stacked.jpgis 16" in length and is split in smaller pieces (4”-7” diameter) or a quarter split at customer’s request. If you have a special request, such as more oak or more birch, or need a different length of firewood, please call us at 518-533-0105 and we will be happy to assist you.
      We have an excellent delivery system and helpful, friendly employees. The delivery trucks are on delivery in the Upstate NY area daily. We will call you the day before delivery to confirm with you.
      We also have kindling for starting fires, one box will start between 8-10 fires. Kindling works very well and is a great start to a cozy fire.
      To inquire about prices, NY State HEAP, or to place an order, call us today at 518-533-0105 and we will be happy to assist you!



Split 4" - 7" on average.


Split 7" - 10" on average.


                      A WORD TO THE WISE:
Many people in Upstate NY Area are talked into buying firewood from vendors driving around neighborhoods in pickup trucks. They confuse the homeowner by calling face cords "full cords." When they stack their wood, they often crisscross the sticks throughout the whole pile or dumping it in a pile in the truck bed. When these methods are used, the wood buyer is paying twice the amount because half the wood is air space. Also, in most cases, the wood turns out to be poor quality of fresh green cut (not dry).We do not sell tree-trimmed wood or diseased firewood. Many vendors sell diseased and tree-trimmed wood to people.You do not want to receive your neighbor’s diseased tree-trimmings. Be sure to know where the firewood you are going to burn came from to confirm you are receiving good quality firewood.


For campers and outdoor enthusiasts, dont forget to check out our bundled and bulk camp wood. We offer it in softwoods (pines) and hardwoods (mixed hardwoods). 

For a wholsale price sheet or to inquire to become a vendor please fill out our online order form